Aerohead 3 Axis remote head

The revolutionary Aerohead repeatable remote head is designed with the cameraman in mind. Industry standard pan/tilt/roll wheels make the Aerohead easy for any operator to use. The Aerohead’s features include:


• Straightforward, understandable controls
• Integrated Preston lens and camera control system
• Wheel settings pre-programmed to Arriflex and Panavision gear ratios
• A wide range of user gear ratios changeable ‘on the fly’
• Flywheel-assisted operating wheels to match the feel of standard camera heads
• Extremely fast installation and setup


Height – 27″
Width – 23 3/4″ (3-axis mode), 15 1/2″ (2-axis mode)
Depth – 15″
Weight – 70 lbs (3-axis config), 57 lbs (2-axis config)
Roll Ring ID – 11 3/4″
Pan Speed – 2.8 seconds 360 degrees
Tilt Speed – 2.8 seconds 360 degrees
Roll Speed – 4.0 seconds 360 degrees

Maximum Automarks – 99
Maximum Recording Time – 23 minutes (stored in console). Only limited by hard disk if stored in computer
Maximum Recorder Takes – 40 (stored in console) Only limited by hard disk if recorded in computer
Motion Recorder In Console – Pan, Tilt, Roll, Zoom, Iris and focus
Aero Head in 2 Axis mode on 50' Technocrane. Camera is Arri Alexa with  12:1 zoom lens

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