Ravensclaw Talon

                 (Aerohead lite)


                                    Compact-Wireless-Motion Control


Compact mode is only 19.5 inches high. 

 Quick setup, lite weight, and easy 2 cable hook-up. power of AC or battery.


Wheels or Joystick for Pan & Tilt control

Programmable  speeds for each motor
Programmable smoothing for each motor

Wireless operation available perfect for remote vehicle work

Programmable motion limits

Intervalometer operation - stretch any move in time
Extremely rigid with precise smooth motion for long lenses
Full slip-rings for continuous 360° motion

(HD video will not pass through sliprings) 

Record and move to up to 2000 marked positions
Record and playback more than 1 hour in up to 2000 takes
Share recorded data with laptop: streaming and upload/download

Height 19.5" - 23.5"
Width 12"
Depth 6"
Weight 21lbs
Camera Weight 50 lbs
Pan/Tilt Speed 1.0 sec for 210 degrees



Shoot motion control time lapse Photography!!!


 300 degree pan/dolly move on the set of "Hick"

 Arri Alexa and 15-40mm mounted on a Panther Foxy crane forthe Showtime Series "Homeland" Season One

 Arri 435 with Panavison 4:1  on the set of "Bolden" (2010)

 Panavison Milenium XL and G series Anamorphics on the set of "Hick"

 Mounted on 30' MovieBird Techno crane

Panavision Mlillenium  XL.

 90 Degree tilt down is achievable with prime lens or compact zooms

Contact Patrick 910-233-4000 

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