Q: Will your Remote Head work with a Super Techno crane?
A: Yes. All 4 Perf. Remote Heads have an industry standard Mitchell mount and enough cable to work on telescopic cranes up to 50'

Q; I want to mount a camera on a insert car or motorcycle. How would I control it?
A: 4 Perfs. Talon head has the ability to be controlled wireless  1/4 mile or more. control is mainly limited to your video transmit capability.

Q: Which heads are capable of 3 axis movement?
A: The Aerohead can be built in either 2 or 3 axis mode.

Q: How long does it take to switch from 2-3 or 3-2 axis mode?
A: A qualified 4 Perf Camera Tech can make the switch in about 15-20 minutes

Q: Can I use a 12:1 lens?
A: With the Aerohead and Hot Head II 12:1 is no problem and you can even look straight down with minor modifications.
We suggest not using lenses larger than the 4:1 on the Talon head Although we have  used the 12:1 very successfully. you would be limited on your tilt axis  (you can not look straight down)

Q: Do I need a Technician to set up a 4 Perf. Remote Head?
A: It is highly recommended  to have a qualified 4 Perf. technician on set to be responsible for/set up the head. Please contact us for a list of available local 600 camera Techs.

Q: Can I record moves for VFX passes?
A: YES! Both the Aerohead and the Talon have built in software to record and playback moves. We can even output the move data and e-mail it to your VFX house.

Do you have a question?
E-mail Patrick at PJBorowiak@live.com

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